Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Church Launches New Job Website

LDS Employment Resource Services

Whether you are unemployed, unhappily employed, insecure in your current job or just want to explore other opportunities, will help you achieve your career goals.

Once you have logged in and created your profile, you can begin searching for job openings, schooling or training opportunities, or resources to help you run a successful small business. When you have completed 90% of your profile, you can make it viewable to employers. Employers use the site to search specific qualifications for which they have need.

In addition to finding resources, you can also use the site to record your career goals and the actions you will need to take to achieve them. As you work toward your goals, there are many people who can help. Your priesthood and Relief Society leaders can assist you in planning for the future and identifying the steps you need to take. Your ward employment specialist can also be a tremendous help. The staff at the LDS employment resource center is also a resource available to you. The employment resource center also offers workshops and networking opportunities, as well as resources such as computers and copy machines.

By developing a plan and working to reach your goals, you can build a better future for yourself and your family. Rely on your Heavenly Father as you pursue your dreams. He will help you.

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