Friday, March 24, 2017

Law Students: Apply for the 2017 $3,000 Shawn Bentley Award

The JRCLS DC/Mid-Atlantic Chapter invites law students to apply for the $3000 Shawn Bentley award for volunteer service.  The purpose of this stipend is to encourage students to come to DC to work and to participate and serve in the public sector.  In order to qualify students should be actively seeking volunteer opportunities to work in the Washington DC area for not-for-profit companies, associations or for Government.  Students should be law students and members of the JRCLS chapter at their school.

The award is named after Shawn Bentley, who spent most of his legal career working for the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.  He applied his considerable talents to help pass valuable laws while at the same time being a great mentor, friend and consensus builder.  Please see the attached letter for more information on this program and its requirements.

Award recipients will be honored at the annual Rex Lee Advocacy Award Lunch hosted by the DC Chapter in Washington, DC in the Spring of 2017. 

Applications are due on May 1, 2017.   


Applications should be sent to Jonathan Jacobs via email at

Applicants should address the following award criteria in a cover letter and/or statement:

1. Prior public service sector employment both legal and otherwise.

2. Current plans for or efforts to work in public service sector legal employment, including whether you already have secured such employment for the upcoming summer in the DC/Mid- Atlantic Area [Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia].

3. Commitment to spend at least a part of your upcoming summer working in public service sector legal employment, preferably in the DC/Mid-Atlantic Area.

4. Desire to spend a part of your legal career working in the public sector.

5. Membership, participation and other involvement with the J. Reuben Clark Law Society, including the student chapter at your law school.

6. What, if any, financial assistance or other awards, grants, or scholarships have you received in connection with (a) law school and (b) your upcoming summer employment.

7. If you already have obtained employment for the upcoming summer, please provide information about the compensation, if any, that you will be receiving.

8. Please provide a written recommendation from a Dean or Associate Dean of your law school or from a law professor.

9. Please provide a resume along with your application.

Applications must be received by no later than May 1, 2017.

 Selection will be announced shortly thereafter.

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